Your Guide to Building Your Sustainable Dream Home

Home Energy Remodeling is your lead source for articles about sustainable living, green technology, and accessible home designs. We believe that art and technology are our gateway to creating homes that are sustainable and visually stunning. We believe in providing people with an aesthetic-utilitarian mindset, and through this, we help people create spaces that are beautiful and useful.

Our publication team is comprised of industry experts, master carpenters, and veteran designers. This helps us address the issue of sustainable living from all angles: art, technology, and usefulness. With our expert analysis, we’ll be able to help guide you in your own journey of sustainability and creating homes for the future.

Meet Our Team

Bart Chukowski

Bart has been working with his hands since he was a young boy. At 10, his father gave him his first tool set, something that he keeps as a memento to this day. After finishing high school, he joined the Army Corps of Engineers and served all around the country providing his expertise to key military installations.

After 20 years of serving in the Army, he retired from active duty and opened his own hardware store and woodworking shop in his hometown. During his military career, he became a leading advocate for sustainable living and renewable energy, seeing these as two of the most viable options for creating a modern and efficient society.

Sarah Wayne

Born and raised in Japan for the first 15 years of her life, Sarah Wayne grew up to appreciate the Japanese ideals of minimalism, efficiency, and a deep respect for the environment. She moved back to the states and attended one of the most prominent design schools in the east coast. Sarah began working for various design firms and was mentored by some of the biggest names in the industry. She started an interior design agency at 30 and her clientele ranges from A-list celebrities, movie stars, and regular homeowners. On her off days, she likes to surf, meditate, do yoga, and attend cooking classes with her boyfriend Mitchell.

Mitchell Devine

Mitchell has been a fan of architecture and engineering since he was a child and he sought ways to create designs for buildings that were both visually beautiful and completely useful. He calls this approach aesthetic-utilitarian and was the subject of his Master of Fine Arts thesis in of Australia’s most prestigious universities. He is regularly called upon by established architecture and engineering firms to help with designing, planning, and building several projects around the world. He moved to the states and has started his own consultancy firm where he forwards his aesthetic-utilitarian view of construction to clients. On weekends, he likes to cook for his girlfriend Sarah, play golf, and spend hours on his gaming console.

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