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How to Prepare for E-commerce Peak Seasons

E-commerce is expected to grow to $6 trillion by 2022. That’s how robust the industry is. It barely suffered a dent despite the pandemic. The industry has even benefited from the lockdowns when most people had to do their shopping online. Yes, there’s no stopping e-commerce. And if you’re already a stakeholder in the industry, you have

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Simple Ways You Can Cut Overhead Costs During the Pandemic

It’s true that companies did save money when remote work became an inevitability at the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak. After the initial cost of helping everyone establish work stations at home and equipping them with the proper software, the costs went downhill. While that’s true at the beginning, it certainly isn’t in the new normal.

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Should a Company Provide Corporate-issued Devices to Its Employees?

In a globalized and hyper-connected world, companies need to recognize the importance of remote work. Allowing your employees to work from anywhere in the world makes them more productive. In turn, it also benefits your business. It comes with a price, though. When employees work from their homes, coffee shops, or any other location in

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How Great Employees Can Rescue Your Business

Small business owners often take their employees for granted. Many businesses focus on crafting the best solutions to their customers’ problems. In short, they believe their offers and their clients are on top of their priorities. This usually leads to them investing more in client acquisition and retention while ensuring the quality of their offers.

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Business Renovations You Can Do While on Lockdown

Normally, renovating commercial properties can be tricky because it has to be timed properly. A lot of businesses and companies don’t like the idea of closing for an indefinite amount of time. Although the pandemic has caused a lot of issues, one advantage to it is that it gives you an opportunity to do some

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Goods Storage: Lengthening the Shelf Life of Products

Shelf life matters to every business owner, especially start-up companies who cannot afford to lose products over the mishandling of goods. There are numerous advantages to extending or even improving product shelf-life. In the food and restaurant industry, shelf-life determines the quality of the food, so most of their raw materials to make food are

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How Home-based Businesses Can Build Credibility Online

One of the hottest trends in the business world these days are home-based businesses. Many already tried building their own startups at the comforts of their homes and many more are expected to follow suit. With the flexibility and lower costs of starting your own business back home, this makes as a desirable venture for

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