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Marketing Surprise Benefits and Unintended Audiences

So you’ve made the business plan and used market survey tools to determine your target market and strategize around it. ; You know who your customer is, down to their age, income and political leanings. But as some of these business owners have found, sometimes your market is not what you initially thought it was.

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Strategies to Improve Your Restaurant

A restaurant is a good investment for would-be entrepreneurs. However, like many businesses, you won’t make a profit immediately, and its popularity might wane over time. You’ll need to have an efficient operation, steady sales and good staff. Experts weigh in on various restaurant business tips to help improve your establishment. Hire Quality Staff The success of

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Employee Recognition: What Not to Do When Trying to Motivate Employees

There’s no greater asset to a company than its employees—qualified and happy employees. Numerous studies have been conducted to understand the relationship between an employee and a business’ success better. The results are all the same. Motivated employees create a positive environment in the workplace, which results in higher productivity. Conversely, an unmotivated worker creates

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Why It Is Important to Keep a Set of Tools on the Road

Cross-country haulers are some of America’s modern-day heroes. They command one of the most formidable vehicles, the 18-wheeler semi-truck, which is one of the few trucks that can reach top speeds on interstate highways. The semi-truck (shorthand for semi-trailer truck, due to the trailers attached to them where the cargo is placed) is responsible for

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Crucial Bathroom Accessories for the Disabled

For most people, a relaxing bath is the most important thing to look forward to in their day for stress relief. They will thus go to great lengths to create the perfect bathroom look in their homes. This pleasure might, unfortunately, be hindered by the difficulty of getting in and out of their bathroom, using

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Looking to Franchise? Here’s Why a Soft Pretzel Business Is a Good Idea

The humble pretzel. Soft, fluffy and chewy — America’s most beloved snack is experiencing a huge comeback this year. With sourdough making it to the list of top food trends this year, the soft pretzel, traditionally made from sourdough itself, is again catching the attention of foodies everywhere. If you’re passionate about food and are

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A Guide to Efficient Warehouse Storage

Your business needs to be efficient when it comes to handling its processes. This is why having a mess in your warehouse can be a big problem. If you dump everything inside, then you will end up with a confusing pile of materials and products that are hard to sift through. This is why you

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Ways to Automate Your Business

The history of business is all about doing more with less. This is exactly what you can expect to do when you start implementing automation in your industry. For example, a warranty management system can do the job that would typically take up the time of several of your employees. With it implemented, warranty notices

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Pursuing a Business Career: Why is Earning an MBA Degree Rewarding?

Earning a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) degree offers great opportunities in the business world, whether you’re new or a seasoned professional. It can be your key to getting promotions, a higher compensation, or allow you to start your own business. Studying for an MBA degree, however, can cost you almost $100,000. A survey shows

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How to Tell a Brand Story That People Can Relate To

The social media landscape is increasingly becoming more and more fragmented and overcrowded that standing out among the sea of brands should be your top priority. With this in mind, branded content, no matter how relevant and well crafted, could easily get lost in cyberspace—that is unless it manages to resonate with consumers. But how

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