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The Wisdom of Ron Swanson in the Business World

When Parks and Recreations ended in 2017, I found myself feeling very lost: it was one of my favorite TV shows of all time, mostly because it was hilarious, but also because it created one of my most favorite characters of all time: Ron Swanson. To give you a little context, Parks and Recreations was

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Continental Breakfast: A Brief History

Multi-day business conferences can be hit or miss when it comes to their food, but there is one thing they almost-always get right: breakfast. And that’s because most business conferences rely on the good ol’ fashioned Continental Breakfast. If you’re only encountering this term now, let me put your mind at ease: despite the name

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employees training

How You Should Design Your Company’s Training Program

One of the many things that can help you improve your company operations is employee training, and there are right ways to do it. As a major decision-maker in your company, you know too well that the operations of the business are of utmost importance. Besides removing the parts that do not work, it is

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coffee shop

How To Make Your Cafe More Interesting Than the Others

So you’ve been thinking about opening a café for a while. The pandemic had probably postponed your intentions, but soon it would be feasible to start on your project again. Let’s help you think through the basics of what you need to plan on. The Design You would already have a location in mind by now.

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marketing plan

Effective Marketing Strategy: Exceeding Customer Expectations

Promoting an excellent brand image can help your company increase its popularity among potential customers. Your brand can even compete with bigger ones, as long as you can provide the same quality of products and services. If you want to attract more customers, you need to double your efforts to encourage people to try your

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sold house

Should You Buy a House During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic caused the stock market and economy to spiral down, leading to the lowest mortgage rates in decades. In July, mortgage rates have dropped below 2% in both fixed 30-year and 15-year loans. While, at present, the mortgage rate has gone back up above 3%, it is still lower than usual. Many homeowners

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office employees

Effective Ways to Improve Employee Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction is an essential factor in keeping a tight ship that runs effectively. If your staff is unhappy, you are more likely to have a high rate of turnover, low productivity, and more costs on your end. A ruthless strategy is no longer par for the course these days. The best move strategically is

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woman with online business

To Build or Not to Build: Starting a Business During a Pandemic

With all the uncertainty we’re faced with in this global health crisis, is it wise to start a new business? Here are a few arguments that show why there’s no better time to get into business now. If you can start and establish a business in this climate, imagine how strong you’ll be when we’ve

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