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Manual or Automated?: What Your Business Needs to Automate

Automation isn’t limited to factories. The use of programs to fast-track office processes has long been in practice, but some companies remain skeptical of the prospect. Yet with the price of admission going down or completely free, it’s undeniable that the time to automate is now. Here are just some office processes that can be

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huge amount of cargo being stored in the warehouse

Shipping 101: Understanding the Three Types of Charter

In the shipping industry, chartering refers to the practice of ship owners hiring out the use of their vessels. The contract that the owner and charterer draw is referred to as a charter party. Sometimes, the person hiring the ship owns cargo, so they introduce a broker into the equation to find an option that will

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Flooding caused by Climate Change

Climate Change Can Affect Lawn Care

Many studies already showed how lawns could provide significant benefits to the environment and the property owners. Curb appeal can increase the resale value of a home. A small park can potentially drive customers into the shopping center. These places won’t be complete without plants and grasses, which are susceptible to climate change. Find out

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