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shredded papers read confidentials when placed next to each other

Protecting Private Papers: How to Protect Confidential Documents

A data breach is a security incident where private and/or privileged information are accessed by unauthorised persons either intentionally or unintentionally. As of 2017, the average cost of a data breach is at $3.86 Million, and each stolen record could cost $148 per record on average. Although, whenever we hear “data breach”, we often think

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buying a house

Why Millennials Are Finding It Difficult to Get a House

Nowadays, more and more millennials are finding it hard to get a mortgage given their existing student loan debts. The truth is their generation is suffering from a debt trap called student loan that it’s pulling them away from homeownership. The decrease of homeownership among millennials ties up with student loan debt. And the only

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call center

Four Service Improvement Strategies for Call Center Businesses

Communication is vital to every business. It plays an important role to brand awareness, reputation management and customer service. This is why you need to address your clients’ concerns and prospect customers’ inquiries. In addition, you should also make sure the communication system within your operations department is efficient. Any delay or dispute can affect

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filling machine

How Well Do Your Filling Machines Improve Product Quality?

Choosing the right depositor, injector and filling machines for your liquid packaging process will improve the quality of your products. That should also come to reduce the much that you would have otherwise spent on hiring human resources to do the packaging manually. Therefore, since the depositor will substitute human labor, consider the amount of

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